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EAGLE Users:

  • Use the IDF-TO-3D button in EAGLE Version 7 to push IDF files from EAGLE directly into IDF-TO-3D. After a quick login, use IDF-TO-3D to create your 3D PCB geometry.
  • Thousands of EAGLE Library components are mapped to 3D models. After selecting the IDF-TO-3D button in EAGLE Version 7 and importing the IDF files into IDF-TO-3D, you can generate a 3D PDF of your 3D PCB Design. Rotate the geometry in the 3D PDF to view bottom side components. To open a sample 3D PDF file click here
  • If you don't utilize EAGLE Libraries or your components are not automatically mapped to 3D, no problem. Leverage our existing libraries and map additional 3D components to your PCB footprints. An image of IDF-to-3D user interface is shown below.
  • If a 3D model for one of your PCB components is not available in our libraries, you can import a STEP model. 3D models in STEP format created at your company or downloaded from another source can be integrated into your IDF-to-3D session and your 3D PCB design. Your uploaded STEP files will reside in your personal 3D Library and these components can be added directly to your PCB within the IDF-to-3D user interface.
  • Click Here to see how to map 3D models to footprints within IDF-TO-3D

EAGLE Layout:

EAGLE 3D User Interface:

IDF-TO-3D User Interface:

  • Purchase a subscription to IDF-TO-3D and download 3D STEP files and STL files of your completed 3D PCB design. STEP files can be imported into MCAD (Mechanical Computer Aided Design) software to complete interference analysis/fit checks, detailed analysis, or to improve your documentation. STL files can be utilized by 3D printers to create physical prototypes of your PCB.
  • Simplified Solutions Inc. also provides 3D model building services based upon submitted PDF Datasheets of components. As part of the service, 3D models can also be added to your online personal 3D Library for easy mapping to your 3D PCB.
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