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3D PCB Generation Capability, Library Build Services or custom ECAD/MCAD Software Development Services.
Product and Services Overview
For all ECAD Users (IDF-TO-3D):
  • IDF-TO-3D...Electrical Engineers/Designers can generate 3D PCBs without MCAD software in 1-3 hours utilizing your web browser and our IDF-TO-3D application. (Learn More)
  • Upload your Intermediate Data Files into our IDF Viewer. For each component in your design, choose a replacement 3D model from our large 3D PCB Library. When finished, choose the Generate 3D View button. Your selections will be sent to our server to build your 3D PCB.
  • Components in your IDF files that utilize the IDF-7351 land pattern naming standard are automatically mapped.
  • If a component can not be found in our library, a STEP file can be uploaded. This uploaded STEP file is immediately added to the personal library associated with your account and can be added to your 3D PCB. If a STEP file is not available, Simplified Solutions also provides a service to build 3D models for incorporation into your personal user library.
  • Replacement 3D component selections made during your working session are stored in our database for future use. This will allow you to generate updated PCB revisions or create future 3D PCBs utilizing the same ECAD footprint library in minutes.
  • View a JPEG or a spinable 3D PDF file of your 3D PCB design before purchasing. If satisfied, purchase a 3D STEP File of your design or subscribe to our unlimited IDF-TO-3D STEP download package. 3D Printer Prototypes of your design can also be purchased.
EAGLE Users:
  • Use the IDF-TO-3D button in EAGLE Version 7 to quickly push IDF files from EAGLE into IDF-TO-3D. After a quick login, use IDF-TO-3D to create your detailed 3D PCB geometry.
  • Thousands of EAGLE Library components are mapped to 3D models. Within minutes, you can generate a 3D image of your PCB and can open a spinable 3D PDF of your PCB design. (Learn More)
  • Use IDF-to-3D to map additional footprints to our large library of 3D models. If a 3D model is not available, a STEP model of a 3D component can be uploaded into IDF-to-3D and integrated into your 3D PCB design. (Learn More)
  • Purchase a subscription to IDF-TO-3D to download 3D STEP and STL files of your completed 3D PCB design. STEP files can be imported into MCAD programs such as Solidworks, Creo-Pro/Engineer, NX, and AutoCad Inventor to check clearances between your PCB components and product housings. STEP files can also be utilized for analysis work or to create detailed images for documentation and assembly instructions. STL files can be uploaded to 3D printers to create detailed physical prototypes of your 3D PCB.
Cadence and Altium Users:
  • Please register for immediate access to browse and search our 3D STEP Library. 3D STEP Library Components can be imported into Altium Designer, Cadence products, and MCAD design software.
  • Subscribers get access to our 3D library of electrical components modeled in STEP Format. All previously downloaded 3D PCB Library STEP Files can be used if a subscription is no longer active. Our 3D STEP library subscriptions are ideal Altium Users and MCAD Users that want to view PCBs in 3D. (Learn More)
  • Subscription options include full library access with unlimitied downloading or the purchase of a subscription that includes a specific quantity of parts for download. (Learn More)
  • 3D component geometries, component names, and component orientation match PCBLibraries Footprints and IPC7351 Standards.
  • Our STEP Component Modeling Service, can build any required 3D PCB components that currently are not available in our library. (Learn More)
Pro/Engineer and other MCAD Users:
  • Subscribers get full access to our 3D library of electrical components modeled in Pro/Engineer. STEP and IGES formats are also available for download. All previously downloaded 3D PCB Library Models can be used if a subscription is no longer active.(Learn More)
  • Our Pro/E ecad_hint.map tool streamlines the process of replacing 2D ECAD geometry with 3D MCAD geometry in a Pro/E PCB. The tool's ecad_hint.map file output is used by Pro/ECAD, allowing users to import real 3D components into a PCB assembly for product development tasks. (Learn More)
  • Subscribers have access to emn component outlines in IDF format that match all Pro/Engineer library components. These files can be imported into your electrical ECAD package to produce accurate component outlines.
  • Our component modeling service, will build your PCB components that currently are not available in our library. (Learn More)
  • Our staff can quickly generate a 100% geometrically accurate Pro/Engineer assembly of your PCB (Learn More)
3D PCB Development and Library Build Services:
  • 3D PCB Generation: Our staff can quickly generate a 100% geometrically accurate 3D PCB assembly in Pro/Engineer .asm, STEP, or IGES Formats. In most cases all we require are IDF EMN and EMP Files, a BOM, and a PDF or JPEG Image of your PCB. (Learn More)
  • Library Build Services: We can inexpensively create a custom 3D Library to your company's specifications substantially saving your company labor costs and reducing the costs associated with PCB interface design errors. (Learn More)
  • Custom 3D Component Modeling Solutions: At a very reasonable cost, we can assist Semiconductor and Connector Manufacturers to provide a large quantity of 3D Models to their customers and potential customers. (Learn More)
Custom ECAD/MCAD Software Development Solutions...Previous Projects have Included:
  • Custom IDF (Intermediate Data File) Viewers. (Learn More)
  • IDF Filters that simplify .emn files. A user can remove extra information and quickly investigate a smaller portion of a PCB. Programs can be developed to keep or remove certain components, holes sizes, hole types, keepin regions, keepouts regions, etc (Learn More)
  • Creation of custom scripts to support Pro/ECAD and other ECAD/MCAD Integration Tasks for expediting product development work. (Learn More)
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