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Pro/Engineer Hint Map Generation Tool
  • A user can navigate to, and upload one or more IDF files containing the PCB information from many different ECAD tools. These files must have an .emn extension.
  • The tool gathers emn file data and simplifies the information into a tabular format. The columns containing the quantity, ecad_name and ecad_alt_name are automatically populated. The Pro/E name column can have entries populated by uploading an existing ecad_hint.map file. Non-essential data is immediately discarded.
  • The user populates the "Pro/E name" column as required. Through the tool, the user can search for an appropriate replacement 3D model on our site. After selecting that model, the Pro/E name field is auto-populated. If the user has a model of their own, that model name can be typed into the field.
  • An existing ecad_hint.map file can be uploaded to the Hint Map Tool. The tool will identify the PCB Components that already have an ecad_hint.map entry allowing the user to focus on the components that still require a replacement 3D Pro/Engineer Model.
  • The output of the tool is an ecad_hint.map file. This data links the electrical information exported from the ECAD tool to replacement 3D models in Pro/Engineer.
  • The user is prompted to download the ecad_hint.map file as well as the 3D replacement models that were chosen. Entries from an ecad_hint.map file uploaded during the user session will also be in the new downloaded file.
Sample view: Partially populated "Pro/E name" after uploaded EMN file has been processed

Sample view: Search through 3D models available in our library to populate each "Pro/E name"

Sample view: Preview detailed 3D models before selecting a component replacement

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