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3D PCB STEP Component Libraries (Cadence, Altium, and MCAD Users):
  • Please register for immediate access to browse and search our 3D STEP Library. 3D STEP Library Components can be imported into Altium Designer, Cadence products, and MCAD design software. After registration and login, visit the 3D Step Library under the PCB links heading to browse or search for 3D Models.
  • With our new 3D STEP Library user interface locate the 3D STEP Models you need by browsing by commodity type, searching by package description, or searching by supplier information.
  • Subscribers get access to our 3D library of electrical components modeled in STEP Format. All previously downloaded 3D PCB Library STEP Files can be used if a subscription is no longer active. This subscription is ideal Altium Users, Cadence Users, and MCAD Users that want to view PCBs in 3D.
  • Subscription options include full library access with unlimitied downloading or the purchase of a subscription that includes a specific quantity of parts for download. (Learn More)
  • 3D component geometries, component names, and component orientation match PCBLibraries Footprints and IPC7351 Standards.
  • Our STEP Component Modeling Service, can build any required 3D PCB components that currently are not available in our library. (Learn More)
Sample view: 3D STEP Library User Interface

Sample view: 3D STEP Library User Interface

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