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  • IDF-TO-3D allows Electrical Designers and Engineers the ability to create accurate 3D PCB Geometry without the purchase or use of Mechanical CAD tools. No software is necessary as IDF-TO-3D runs on most internet browsers. Click here to view our IDF-to-3D User Guide.

  • Develop a 3D PCB and view a 3D PDF of your 3D PCB design for free. If you are happy with your IDF-TO-3D output, purchase an IDF-TO-3D subscription that provides unlimited downloads of 3D PCB STEP and STL (3D Printer Prototype) files for a period of one year.
  • With IDF-TO-3D you can create your first 3D PCB in 1-3 hours. IDF-TO-3D also lets you save 3D model selections on our server for future use. These selections can be retrieved when working on future PCB revisions and future PCB designs that utilize the same ECAD footprint library. Utilizing the stored information will often result in the creation of a new 3D PCB in just minutes.
  • To access IDF-TO-3D, please register, visit the PCB Home link, and select the link to the IDF-to-3D Tool. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 users need to install Adobe SVG 3.03 Viewer prior to utilizing IDF-to-3D. You can either download it here or visit Adobe directly http://www.adobe.com/svg/viewer/install/ to download the Adobe SVG Viewer.
  • If a component can not be found in our library, you can locate and upload a STEP file of that component. It will be placed in your own personal 3D library.
  • IDF-TO-3D is compatible with common Intermediate Data Format files created in Altium, Mentor Boardstation and Expedition, Cadence Allegro, PCAD, PADS, Orcad, EAGLE and other ECAD Software Packages. IDF-TO-3D utilizes the common .emn (board) and .emp (library) file extensions, but is also capable of working with .brd, .bdf, and .idb board files and .lib, .pro, .ldf, and .idl library files.
  • Typical IDF-TO-3D, 3D PCB Output:

  • Click here to view a 3D PDF generated from IDF-TO-3D. The 3D PDF of the 3D PCB has spin, zoom and panning capability.
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