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Pro/Engineer Library of Electrical Components
Click to download sample Click the image to the left to download one of our library zip files which contain a sample Pro/Engineer Part File, STEP File, and IGES File
  • All Components are modeled in Pro/Engineer. Equivalent STEP and IGES geometry is available for each electrical component in the library.
  • Components are modeled per IPC, JEDEC, EIA, or vendor package data.
  • Dimensions are typically modeled to nominal with tolerances shown. If a nominal dimension is not available for a particular component, Min or Max dimensions may be used and are denoted in the Pro/Engineer model and drawing.
  • Components are oriented using a coordinate system called cs_ecad_comp. The orientation of this coordinate system follows guidelines set forth in IPC-7351. The coordinate system can be re-orientated by the user as necessary.
  • A dimensioned print similar to the one below is viewable for all components prior to downloading the file.

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