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Generate 3D PCBs with IDF-TO-3D, our STEP Library, and custom solutions.

-IDF-TO-3D is our powerful 3D PCB product with an included 3D PCB Library. Electrical Engineers/Designers can create 3D PCBs in STEP format with IDF-TO-3D in 1-3 hours without MCAD. Future 3D PCB iterations and 3D PCB designs can be finished faster.

Import your IDF files into our IDF-TO-3D viewer and select replacement 3D geometry from our 3D PCB Component Library for each components on your PCB. STEP files can also be uploaded to IDF-to-3D and added to a personal library for addition to your 3D PCB. After mapping components, generate your 3D PCB and view a 3D PDF of your 3D PCB Design FOR FREE. To start using IDF-TO-3D, please register here

-EAGLE Users can use the IDF-TO-3D button in Version 7 to import IDF files directly into IDF-TO-3D. Many EAGLE Library components are automatically mapped to 3D models. Additional footprints can be mapped to 3D models within the IDF-TO-3D.

-Cadence and Altium Designer users can download thousands of 3D STEP Library Components to create a 3D PCB. These 3D circuit boards can be exported via STEP and imported into MCAD. Click here for a list of available 3D STEP Library Components.

-Pro/Engineer, Pro/ECAD users can take advantage of our Hint Map Tool. The tool creates and updates the ProE ecad_hint.map file linking footprints from IDF Files to our 3D Pro/E Part Models. Click here for a list of available 3D Pro/E Library Components.

    Custom 3D PCB Solutions:

    -Custom 3D PCB Libraries. Simplified Solutions has built custom Pro/Engineer (Creo) 3D PCB Component Libraries with up to 10,000 3D models for our Fortune 500 customers. When the 3D libraries are deployed, end users can simply open IDF Files and immediately generate detailed, accurate, 3D PCBs without any additional work.

    -Creation of a 3D PCBs from IDF files or EAGLE .brd files. IDF files can be exported from Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro, Mentor Boardstation/Expedition, OrCAD, PADS and other EDA Design Software supporting IDF (Intermediate Data Format). Customer output can be in either STEP or Pro/E(Creo) Format. Typical cost ranges from $300-$3,000 USD per 3D PCB depending on complexity.

    -ECAD/MCAD Process Development and Consulting

    -Contact Us to discuss the best 3D PCB solution for your company
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